Event description

Each speaker will give a 3-5 minute talk on their advocacy efforts in Stamford, what they are involved in, and any thoughts they have about the topic. After our scheduled speakers, we will open the floor for an open mic portion, where audience members can share their experiences.  In both cases, time limits will be strictly enforced.

Scheduled speakers include Catalina Horak, Neighbors Link Stamford; Pilar Pelaez, Mayor’s Multicultural Council; Joe Belisle, Rainbow Café; Emily Provonsha and Jen Godzeno, People Friendly Stamford; and Laura Heckman, Mill River Park Collaborative.

After the storytelling portion, and time permitting, participants will break up into small groups with a facilitator and a set of questions, and an invitation to talk about actions they can take or causes to support in our community.



Advocacy Pathfinder

General Advocacy Resources

Connecticut's Official State Website CT Association for Community Action “What is Advocacy?"
  • Short introductory video on the topic of advocacy

 “Social Activism, Civil Disobedience and Occupy Movements: Primary Resources” – compiled by  the John Jay  C.U.N.Y. Library

Activism: Get Involved! - links compiled by the Rutgers University Library

Social Activism Toolkit: A Guide to "Finding Your Inner Activist" – links compiled by Mitchell College

Social Justice Resources and Websites --compiled by Good Ground Press

Social Justice in Action --A list of social justice organizations compiled and maintained by Amanda Brody, a social worker for Child Protective Services in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Community Action Agency of Western Connecticut, Inc.


Resources for Social Media Advocacy

Resources for social advocates -- compiled by a team of bloggers devoted to helping non-profit organizations.

Using Social Media for Digital Advocacy -- a resource from the University of Kansas' Community Toolbox  

Local Resources

Mayor's Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) –“one of the largest youth activism organizations in Connecticut.”

Regional Family Advocacy and Support Groups

Social Advocacy Organizations in Stamford, CT  

Voter and Legislative Information Services

Stamford Voters’ Information

CT Mirror Political Guide

Office of Legislative Research -- nonpartisan research arm of General Assembly

Stamford City Charter Online