Angie Durrell

Angelica Durrell is a violinist, educator, and social entrepreneur who has led a career nurtured by music education and community engagement. After graduating from the University of Connecticut on a full talent-based scholarship, she has attended the American Express Leadership Academy and the NALAC Advocacy Leadership Institute. Durrell’s recent accolades include an invitation to perform for Pope Francis in 2015. An Ecuadorean born violinist and upon envisioning and founding the INTAKE Organization, Angie’s experiences of immigrating, struggling to assimilate into a foreign culture and striving to succeed with extremely limited resources are reflected in the faces of the children who attend INTAKE’s Native Instrument Academy programs each week. Angie is driven by the vision of promoting western classical music relevance, accessibility, and inclusion through youth development, education and the use of native instruments. The Sphinx Organization sponsors her career development and community impact throughout 2015-16.

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